Freelance Web Design Services

Website Design & Development is my main service here at MadeByMeg. With seven years of experience within the digital industry, I produce high-quality WordPress websites. Packages starting from £350.

Website Design Services

Mobile Websites with MadeByMeg
Mobile-Friendly Websites

Over half of the traffic on the internet is now through mobile or tablet devices. We can make sure your website is the best it can be on mobile and tablet. Google and other search engines have made the user experience a priority in the past few years. Sites which work better for mobile users will reap the benefits within the popular search engines. Get in touch now.

Website Speed with MadeByMeg
Website Speed

A user expects a website to load in around 3s if your site is loading any faster than that the user may leave. Website Speed and load time is a keen interest in the mine, I develop each website with speed at the front of my mind meaning that all my freelance sites so far all have had load times between 1.5 to 3 seconds.

Website Security with MadeByMeg

I encourage all my customers to purchase SSL certificates with their website, and because I want my customers to have the best security on their websites I do my best to make sure purchasing an SSL is affordable. We also perform regular updates on all our WordPress sites to make sure everything is up to date.

Ease of Use within WordPress with MadeByMeg
Ease of Use

All our websites are built within WordPress with our customers in mind, we used Advanced Custom Fields to create an easy to use WordPress dashboard, we’ll be posting more about this within our blog, so watch out more our updates about our easy to use websites.

Analytics on a Website with MadeByMeg

All our websites come with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager setup. We offer tutoring sessions to explain more about these analytic platforms, to help you get the most out of your website.

Website Functionality with MadeByMeg

We are happy to quote for extra functionality within all our WordPress sites. We have created a range of different functionality from membership areas to complicated contact forms and other functionality.

Affordable Website Prices with Made By Meg

We pride ourselves in creating affordable website packages for all our clients, from 4 pages website or a 1-page scroller from £350 to a range of different add-ons. With the recent effects of Covid19, we want to make sure getting digital is affordable or everyone.

eCommerce Shop Websites with MadeByMeg

We are happy to create e-Commerce sites for you within WordPress. We have been producing e-Commerce websites for the past five years with WooCommerce so nothing is too much trouble when it comes to getting your shop online.